This is not just a corporate

This is not just a corporate

«This is not just a corporate conflict , and a blow to the democratic gains » — said N. Kislitsa .

05.04.2001 19:34

«Ulyanovskenergo» continues off defaulters.

This is not just a corporate

JSC «Ulyanovskenergo» concerned about low pay electricity and heat . In March, he was only 63%. Industrial companies tend to comply with contractual obligations , paying for consumption of electricity and thermal energy. But even in this sector there are consumers who are in no hurry to pay off with power , forcing them to restrict the supply of energy , respectively payment.

Today , April 5 , power is disconnected for 13 industrial enterprises in the region , the heat — on eight . On April 4 discontinued the supply of electricity at JSC «Electromash» . Yesterday the company was without electricity from 11 to 14 hours , and today from 11.00 to 18.00 . Debt stock «Electromash» is 4043 rubles. Even a single large defaulter — Ulyanovsk plant today radiolampovogo off heat. Without electricity , the company is on April 30. Arrears of » URLZ » for heat is 5715 rubles, for electricity — 30 million rubles.

Resellers of electricity — municipal enterprises of housing and communal services again create a critical situation in the supply of electricity settlements of the region . Rural MPZHKH in March paid only 24% of electricity consumed. Low level of forces of «Ulyanovskenergo» restrict its supply . Today on the restriction are : MPZHKH Terenga (debt 17800 thousand rubles ) , MPZHKH Barishski district ( 26600 rubles ) MPZHKH rp Kuzovatovo ( 12,600 rubles ) , MPZHKH Inza ( 10,300 rubles ) , MPZHKH rp Market Syzgan (9100 rubles ) MPZHKH rp Veshkaima ( 22,900 rubles ) , MPZHKH rp Chufarovo ( 1800 rubles ) .

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