The region’s governor Dmitry

The region's governor Dmitry

The region’s governor Dmitry Ayatskov negatively assessed the work of the veterinary services : » If FMD appears in the Saratov region , it appears , for example, in Perelyub , and in the city of Saratov . Saratov Veterinary Services to perform poorly .» The governor demanded that all homeless animals in Saratov not placed in shelters and destroyed. «Rigidity , fairness and justice should be the foundation of the city in the veterinary service ,» — said the governor. Sharp criticism at the meeting Dmitry Ayatskov subjected not only the work of veterinary inspection Saratov, but also the appearance of its leader Ivan Rezyapkina who came to the meeting in a civil suit , not in uniform with epaulettes vetinspektsii . » If I come to the meeting area and ATC Perelyubsky chief rayotdela be upon him in the butterfly , so he will go to the ballet. Neglect form — it is the neglect of the position ,» — said Ayatskov . At the meeting he was interested in not only how veterinary services are struggling and prevent dangerous diseases of animals , but also the question of extinction in populations of gophers Perelyubskaya area. This question Dmitry Ayatskov leading veterinarians province reply and could not .

05.04.2001 12:08

The region's governor Dmitry

The visit of the head of Department of International Humanitarian Assistance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation . At the invitation of the head of the Department for Youth Affairs of the Samara region Samara Oleg Fursova visited Head of the Department for International Humanitarian Aid of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the executive secretary of the Commission for International

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