SPS faction of the State Duma

SPS faction of the State Duma

SPS faction of the State Duma is ready to support the incumbent President of Chuvashia Nikolai Fyodorov, the upcoming elections, said on Wednesday , April 4 , reporters one of the faction leaders Nikolai lieutenant .

As stated N. Travkin , Nikolai Fyodorov has always been a spiritual ally ATP has a strong reputation as a leader at the federal level , a serious experience . Evaluating the new bill on presidential elections , submitted to the State Council of the Czech Republic Fedorov , the lieutenant said that secret address in reducing strips voters from 50% to 25% there is no infringement of democracy, as well as elections in one round.

SPS faction of the State Duma

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the question of the participation of the President of the Republic Nikolai Fyodorov in the upcoming elections is still open.

04.04.2001 21:10

«Khimprom » masters peacetime production .

Former military enterprise «Khimprom » mastered the production of new products for the broad masses of consumers. In late March the first shipment fatliquoring means «Univer — 8401 » and the amplifier dry cleaning «Univer — 8102 .»

New products, according to developers , made ??on the basis of environmentally safe materials. Have excellent cleaning properties and high anti-static effect. Is preparing to release another product in this series — Stain «Univer — 8302 .»

05.04.2001 11:43

Region is among the ten regions with the worst negative dynamics payment of natural gas in 2000. March 27-30 in Smolensk held a meeting on the issues of gas supply and gas saving . One of the main issues of the meeting was summarizing the work of the regional gas marketing companies .

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