Radical leftist organizations

Radical leftist organizations

Radical leftist organizations and groups of citizens united in the movement «Labor Balakovo » an invitation to take part in the meeting of the Council refused , citing his resentment at the municipal and regional authorities .

05.04.2001 19:53

Regional Court heard the case on the right to alternative service.

Practice courts cancel their own decisions in the light of recent events , it is an evil omen already — said information service channel » TelekomTV .» Today, the Regional Court ended the process in which the recruit Paul Zenkin tried to defend their right to alternative service. Prior to this lawsuit inductee twice considered Volga District Court and both times took completely opposite solutions .

Radical leftist organizations

This is the first case in the field , when, as the case materials featured Bible . » And God will judge the nations , and shall rebuke many people , and beat their swords into plowshares , and their spears into pruning hooks . And they will not learn war any more .» Such evidence of his innocence to the judge of the regional court Alexei Zelepukina had never heard .

In this hall today considered the case of evasion of the Saratov Law Academy student Paul Zenkina from military service . Zenkin himself considers himself a follower branches of Christianity — Jehovah’s Witnesses . Jehovah’s Witnesses are convinced to take up arms — sin. «I will not go into the army , I have a right to alternative service » — these words , Paul says not the first time .

In December last year, Volga District Court has already examined a complaint Zenkina . The complaint was upheld , but the court decision did not accept military commissariat area.

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