Dimitrovgrad completed

Dimitrovgrad completed

Dimitrovgrad completed cadastral zoning of the city. Dimitrovgrad completed cadastral zoning city in electronic form. Jobs for 500 thousand rubles . made in the City Committee on Land Resources from the federal budget for the contract between the regional Committee on Land Resources and the Federal cadastral center «Earth» (Moscow ) . In addition, for » Ulyanovsk TISIZ » in this city committee completed creation of electronic maps of the city with a record of graphic information on a floppy disk from the available materials surveying 1:500 and 1:5000. The cost of these works was 124 thousand rubles . , The newspaper reported » Dimitrovgradskaya panorama .»

04.04.2001 19:12

Director of middle schools and high schools are demanding higher salaries 2.5 times.

Director of secondary schools and gymnasiums Ulyanovsk sent an appeal to the City Duma deputies and the mayor, in which the demand to raise the salaries of the directors of schools by 250%. Their demands , they argue two shifts work of educational institutions , enhanced maintenance of equipment and buildings , making their working day is extended by 1.5 to 2 times . A criminal situation and addiction increase legal liability of directors for the health and welfare of children entrusted . Now the salary of directors Ulyanovsk schools with all allowances for intensity, for the participation of the institution in research , including salaries for conducting lessons of 2.0-2.5 thousand rubles, the » Narodnaya Gazeta » .

04.04.2001 19:13

Dimitrovgrad completed

Approved by the regional law » On rates of forest fees and calculating rents for certain types of forest management.»

conveyancing fees for selling a house.

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