On the official rating of «

On the official rating of

On the official rating of » Mezhregiongas » Saratov region was on the 46th of the 55 subjects of the Russian Federation, which are branches of the company. The total debt of the region on the basis of last year grew by nearly 8 percent. For this indicator, Saratov region is among the ten regions with the worst negative dynamics payment of natural gas in 2000. At the same time , all areas of the Volga region reduced its debt : Ulyanovsk region — by 62 per cent and Penza — 61 percent , and so on , the press service of » Saratovregiongaz .» However, many regions close Saratov region in terms of economic and industrial potential , began to repay the debts of previous years. So , Kemerovo region paid in 2000 — almost 170 per cent , more than 160 percent — Ulyanovsk and Penza region , about 150 percent — Rostov , Novosibirsk , Tambov . More than 120 percent paid Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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On the official rating of

With maps of the area disappeared several settlements . From the map of Saratov region disappeared several settlements in which no one lives long . Liquidation railway siding in Krasnoarmeysky Steppe area. In the same area formed a new settlement Splavuhino . Disappeared in the deserted village of Trinity Samoilovsky area, a new settlement appeared in Ternovskaya District Engels district . All these decisions were taken at the meeting of April 4 administrative-territorial committee under the leadership of Governor Dmitry Ayatskov . In general, changes were twelve districts of the Saratov region .

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