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» Next to this statement » Samara Review » publishes material » Former prisoner » — on entrepreneurship Sevostyanova in 1995-98 .

04.04.2001 20:56

Flooding should not significantly affect the operation of enterprises Novocheboxarsk .

The constant change in temperature has a positive effect on the course of the flood , so little concern for failures of the core enterprises Novocheboxarsk should not be. This conclusion came today at a meeting of city flood commission .

As was noted at the meeting that traditionally spring concern is the purity of drinking water. Greater threat is storm water entering the network of pipes. Therefore, an important task is to remove flood waters work , cleaning of storm water wells , constructed and operated safety drainage structures.

04.04.2001 20:59

The administration Novocheboxarsk completes the reconstruction frame . April 20 Novocheboxarsk administration should begin work in the new personnel structure . The basis of these permutations is a new law on municipal services , which includes the reduction and elimination of departments and divisions . Abolished the legal department and the urban economy of administration . The new structure will include departments of Physical Culture and Sports, Public Relations . Youth Department will combine a large number of units. At the same time, officials of the city administration Novocheboksarskaya fear that in this state the local authority will not be able to work in full force.

04.04.2001 21:07

SPS faction of the State Duma is ready to support the incumbent President of Chuvashia Nikolai Fyodorov, the upcoming elections.

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