Festival opened his recital

Festival opened his recital

Festival opened his recital German Peter Dicke , and April 8 perform another foreign artist — Dutchman Baudvay Zwart with the Saratov ensemble «Trio Sonata » . In Russia, the hereditary organist playing for the first time . Also Saratov, he still visit Balakovo Marx and where will the piano concertos . April 10 will present its program organist duo Vladimir Khomyakov and «Golden Horn » Millennium Shilkloper Arcadia . April 12 Saratovites acquainted with the duo two Rectors Kazan and Saratov Conservatory . Rubin Abdullin organ and Anatoly Skripaj piano perform works by Bach. Organ Festival organizers plan to make it in the traditional Saratov .

06.04.2001 16:41

In Yalchikskiy region to fight the flood left unemployed.

Festival opened his recital

Yalchiksky district employment center found a new way to fight unemployment — has signed a contract for public works with the municipal enterprise of housing and communal services. According to the document to clear drains of snow and ice , drains and conduct other activities entrusted to the unemployed flood Yalchikskiy region .

Daily on the streets of the city Yadrin out of 5-7 people , they worked for 5-6 hours . In total, these events involved more than 15 people. April 6 unemployed participate in flood control activities are completed .

conveyancing fees.

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