Konstantin Titov called

Konstantin Titov called

Konstantin Titov called industrialists actively introduce innovative technologies into production . This, according to Konstantin Titov , primarily affect the quality of products, and will be beneficial to the enterprises in terms of profit. The investment policy of the regional administration specialists have already begun to develop a mechanism to create industrial parks in the province of Samara .

Another important development in the organization of industrial policy in the Samara region , according to the governor , should be the creation of corporations and holdings. In the first place , according to Konstantin Titov , this process must touch aircraft and rocket construction, manufacturing bearings. Combining several enterprises of the holding will improve product quality, increase production and significantly reduce overheads .

Konstantin Titov called

In conclusion, Konstantin Titov stressed that such meetings with representatives of industrial sectors province needed. Mode allows the discussion to discuss problems and identify specific businesses an effective interaction between the government and representatives of the real sector of the economy of the Samara region, the management of information policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region.

06.04.2001 12:03

The interregional professional conference dedicated to technology marketing.

April 5-6, Enterprise Development Department of the Samara region ( leader Yuri Kopytin ) with the participation of consulting company » AI — PI — EM — center» organized in Samara interregional professional conference «Marketing : tools, technologies , results.» The conference was attended by representatives of 24 organizations ,

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