In addition, be able to see

In addition, be able to see

In addition, be able to see Saratovites aerobatics performed by aircraft » Yak — 52″ . The final program of the celebration has not been approved , but , according to preliminary data , in half of the ninth am April 12 at the monument to Gagarin will launch festive rally and athletics propaganda mileage , dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight . In addition, the planned cross involving schoolchildren , students of military schools and universities students Saratov .

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In addition, be able to see

The city plans to organize a House of Journalists . In Saratov soon may still appear House of Journalists . This was announced on April 5 briefing Minister of Press and Information of the Saratov region, Igor Nikiforov . He said that currently about negotiations with the leadership of Saratov «House of Architects .» It is assumed that on its basis will be created «House of creative unions » , including the Union of Journalists of Saratov . In addressing this issue , the minister said the press, it supports construction minister Ivan Vaseyko Saratov region . However, as noted by Igor Nikiforov , Minister of Construction worries , as » temperamental journalists themselves pushed out of the House of Architects .» Briefing Igor Nikiforov was devoted to anniversary of reopening the regional Ministry of printing. According to the minister , currently in the field are about four hundred media. Seventy of them appeared only in the last year.

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In the Petersburg area was created in the first institution of civil society .

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