In 2001, in accordance with

In 2001, in accordance with

In 2001, in accordance with the Budget Code of the Russian Federation budget road fund has become an integral part of the regional budget . Required to provide for the inclusion of its revenues and expenditures of the regional budget.

Expenditure part involves the construction of new and reconstruction of existing public roads , maintenance and repair of existing road networks , repair of main roads pass transit vehicles in urban area in the system of public roads of the Samara region , acquisition and production of road maintenance equipment, design and exploration, research and promotional work.

Today, the Samara region extends 8210 km of roads, including 710 km of federal public roads , including 7,014 km — road with asphalt concrete pavement . Total on the roads of the Samara region located 405 bridges. The density of roads with asphalt concrete pavement is 128 km per thousand square meters, while the average for Russia , this value is only 26 thousand square kilometers . meters, i. e. almost 5 times less.

Today in the Samara region has a large number of roads built 20-30 years ago , standard life are long overdue , whereby road have considerable wear and deformation of the pavement . On these roads need urgent repairs to ensure the necessary level of safety. And it will be sent to the Road Fund in 2001 , according to information management policy coordination and interaction with the media Samara region.

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In 2001, in accordance with

Data on social assistance in Dimitrovgrad in Q1 2001.

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