Guide Novocheboksarsk

Guide Novocheboksarsk

Guide Novocheboksarsk GESstroya concerned the state of affairs of the enterprise. Many departments of the enterprise profitable. Debt to the federal budget of 9 million rubles. GESstroy can not afford to update the material and technical base of the enterprise in its entirety.

Told reporters the company’s CEO Boris Sorokin , neither of which strengthen the shoreline of the river Volga in this year due to lack of funds, there can be no question that the main thing for the company at least ensure the safety of the constructed and operated facilities.

No less acute problem of the company’s debts to its shareholders . If last year’s dividends paid to holders of shares in the amount of 20 rubles per share , in the present — the size of payments could be halved , which will undoubtedly have a negative impact on shareholders and employees GESsroya Enterprise , says Boris Sorokin .

05.04.2001 17:07

Guide Novocheboksarsk

In 2001, identified 61 HIV-infected .

In Chuvashia, continues to worsen the HIV epidemic . Each week Cheboksary Center for AIDS officially registers 5-6 new cases of HIV infection. Only the last three months registered 61 cases of morbidity. Total 98 infected in the country .

Most AIDS patients in Cheboksary — 32 people, 26 and Canas Novocheboksarsk — 24 . Seven HIV-infected has increased for three months in the Kozlov district of the republic . First reported in HIV-infected and Alikovsky Shumerlinskii areas.

The main part of the risk group of youth : three-quarters of all AIDS patients — people aged 15 to 30 years . Among HIV-carriers overwhelming majority — addicts ( 54 people ) .

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