Documentary evidence that the court yet

Documentary evidence that the court yet

Documentary evidence that the court yet. Now chairman of the regional court has requested a case of NTV shareholders meeting to explore in order of supervision . However, make some decisions now he says he can not — to force the second definition will come only after 10 days , and then only if the losing party fails to file an appeal. The actions of judges Nikolaev Galkin no serious violations until sees — Procedure Code allows judges to make a determination to change . April 3 was the basis for this complaint of » Lindvil Investments Limited » that mentioned earlier I. Alekseev defendant has nothing to do with it . The fact that the judge even before the first meeting did not bother to find the answers to all these questions , Galkin called no more than negligence.

05.04.2001 23:16

Documentary evidence that the court yet

Dimitrovgrad Municipality claims that the rising cost of heat generated NIIAR not lead to an increase in tariffs. On April 1, the decision of the regional energy commission cost of heat generated Dimitrovgrad NIIAR , increased by 20% and now amounts to 175.5 rubles. Gcal . Given the transportation and VAT , this figure rises to 259 rubles per Gcal . For upcoming concern citizens, whether it will lead to increase growth rates , city administration immediately declared that no cause for concern .

06.04.2001 11:10

Astronautics Day will be held in the city of celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight . Celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight will begin in Saratov April 12 at 8 am revealing flight squadron «Rus» . Then place jumping parachutists Aeroclub Saratov Aviation Plant. They will have to land astronauts on the waterfront .

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