Cover issues of business life

Cover issues of business life

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05.04.2001 19:25

Began design and survey work on the restoration of the Trinity Cathedral on the central square of the city. Restoration of Trinity Cathedral in Lenin Square of the discussion stage transferred to the project. Ulyanovsk diocesan administration launched an R & D activities , which should be finished in a year. If you allow the technical , engineering , hydrogeological conditions selected places , perhaps in 2002, will be laid the first foundation stone of the cathedral. Temple to grow behind the Agricultural Academy . This is not a «native» place of the cathedral — he had previously stood in the center of the square , near the present monument to Lenin . Cathedral partially overlaps the esplanade and obstructs the Memorial Centre . Trinity Cathedral was erected in honor of the victory over Napoleon in the War of 1812. In Soviet 1930s was located in the building of the cathedral archives. After disabling it heating due to careless handling of fire temple fading . Although Moscow sent insistent warnings to local authorities not to demolish this unique monument of history and culture of Russia , the cathedral was destroyed, said » Simbirsk Courier» .

Cover issues of business life

05.04.2001 19:31

The average pension in the province is 900 rubles. According to the press service of the governor and the regional government , today held a meeting with the governor Dmitry Ayatskov workers office of the Pension Fund in the Saratov region.

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