According to the vice -

According to the vice -

According to the vice — president of the Ulyanovsk Chamber of Commerce Alexei Ryzhevskogo » one of the main questions of the delegation visit to Germany — financing retrofitting Ulyanovsk factories . One of the real options — this collaboration with the German state-owned company » Hermes . » For example, Ulyanovsk company buys imported equipment and pays for it only 15%. remaining funds invested German insurance company » Hermes .» and then the plant can pay her money for several years. » Germans are ready to cooperate with Ulyanovsk, but exhibit several requirements . The first problem in their opinion — the Russian side too often unprofessional prepares documents to work together , in addition, now in Russia is revalued, enterprises , and the third problem — the Germans had little trust in the Russians. In the near future , a program of economic cooperation Ulyanovsk and Krefeld and when it will approve the two sides will sign a contract and the mayor of Ulyanovsk Paul Romanenko will pay a visit to Germany.

05.04.2001 19:46

Today a meeting of the Public Council in Balakovo.

A meeting of the Public Council under Chapter Balakovsky municipality. The main subject of discussion were the results of socio — economic development in the I quarter of 2001 and the new challenges posed by the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly .

According to the vice -

As the press service Balakovsky municipality, three dozen leaders of the political organizations of the city exchanged views on major issues addressed in the Epistle , stated their positions and plans for future activities. General mood of the meeting can be expressed as an optimistic expectation of change in the lives of the entire country.

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